At Paragon Capital Management, we place our clients’ best interests first. As experienced and knowledgeable wealth management professionals, we deliver excellence and research-driven investment insights to sophisticated clients and accredited investors through our bespoke services focused on wealth preservation and growth.
Portfolio Management


Portfolio Management

We provide customised discretionary portfolio management services to keep our clients’ portfolios on track to achieve their respective financial objectives.
Fund Management



We understand that every client has a unique investment goal, differentiated by time, geography, asset class and expected returns.
Private Equity and Corporate Advisory


Private Equity and Corporate Advisory

We are constantly on the lookout for quality private market opportunities to nurture assets and accrete wealth for our clients.
Investment Advisory


Investment Advisory

We offer a comprehensive suite of investment products, solutions and complementary advisory services to achieve the investment goals of every client.


Family Succession Advisory

We provide a holistic approach that takes into account the unique needs and goals of each family, ensuring that our services align with their long-term financial plans across generations.


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